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English name :Sodium hydroxide

Scientific namesodium hydroxideAlias:Caustic soda 

Molecular formulaNaOH

Molecular weight39.996

Physical property 

Sodium hydroxide is a white translucent crystalline solid. Its aqueous solution is astringent and slippery.

1、Water absorbencySodium hydroxide is easily deliquescent in air, so solid sodium hydroxide is often used as a desiccant. But liquid sodium hydroxide has no water absorption.

2、SolubilitySodium hydroxide is very soluble in water and releases a lot of heat when it dissolves.It easy Soluble in ethanol and glycerol.

Application area:

Sodium hydroxide arewidely used in Production of paper, soap, dyes, rayon, metallurgy, petroleum refining, cotton fabric finishing, coal tar product purification, food processing, wood processing and machinery industry, etc.

Method of Transportation:

In railway transportation, steel drum packaging can be transported by gondola car. The packing should be complete and the loading should be safe at the time of shipment. In the course of transportation, it is necessary to ensure that the container does not leak, collapse, fall, damage, moisture-proof and rain-proof. If rust, rupture, hole, melting water and other phenomena occur in the packaging container, the packaging should be replaced immediately or shipped as early as possible. The damaged container can be repaired by tin soldering. It is strictly forbidden to mix with flammable or combustible substances, acids, edible chemicals, etc. Transportation vehicles should be equipped with emergency leak handling equipment.