liquid chlorine

Molecular formula:CL 2

Molecular weight:70.906  

Physical property:Kelly oily liquid

Density1470.6 G/L(0 ℃ and 0.366MPa)

Latent heat of vaporization281.79 KJ/KG(-25 ℃)

Melting point:- 101.6 ℃

Boiling:-34.05 ℃(0. 1MPa)

Saturated vapor pressure0.381MPa(0 ℃)(Increase with temperature

Chemical property:Dry chlorine  does not corrode iron at Normal atmospheric temperature,but its corrosion is enhanced in wet conditions,The chemical properties of chlorine are very active,It can react with many metals, nonmetals and their compounds,also Chlorine and organic compounds can undergo halogenation, addition and other reactions.

Use:Liquid chlorine is widely used in disinfection and fibre bleaching,Rare metal smelting and refining, manufacturing inorganic chlorides, pesticides, pigments, rubber and other organic compounds.

Packing and shipping:Packing with cylinders or special tankers, packaging and packaging containers have strict requirements and regulations.Packaing must be firmly fixed to prevent impact during transporting and high temperature need be prevented .